RDI - research development innovation

According to basic knowledge, RDI is simple research development innovation
What can be supported?
The scope of eligible activities is wide including infrastructure, equipment, salaries (researchers, management and support staff), utility bills, consumables, intellectual property rights acquisition and protection and, under certain conditions, leasing and depreciation. RSSF can support the following:
  1. basic or fundamental research
  2. applied or industrial research
  3. experimental or pre-competitive development
  4. definition stage or feasibility studies
  5. pilots and demonstration activities
  6. European Research Initiatives (including research infrastructure, European technology platforms, joint technology initiatives or projects undertaken under the Eureka scheme.)
Research, Development and Innovation

Research and Development is a key component of sustainable innovation-led growth. It helps to create the higher value-added products, processes and services on which the future of Umicore is increasingly focused.

Umicore has world class R&D capabilities. More than 500 employees worldwide are involved in research and development activities. R&D spending is 5% of revenues, excluding metal value. This puts Umicore at the top end of the league of chemical companies in terms of R&D intensity (ref. The 2004 R&D scoreboard, Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom, 2004). We operate a central R&D facility in Belgium and have Business Unit dedicated research centres in Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Liechtenstein.

More than ever, the successes of the businesses in our company are the result of a relentless pursuit of new, innovative solutions and developments. Research and Development plays an important and strategic role but also a structured approach to creativity is used to stimulate innovation in the company.
credit to http://www.umicore.com/en/rdi/
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