teknik tanam Cabai Secara Hidroponik

teknik tanam Cabai Secara Hidroponik

tanaman: Menanam Cabai Dalam Pot Secara Hidroponik: membahas cara menenam cabe secara hidroponik, cocok diterapkan untuk skala rumah tangga untuk keperluan dapur. juga bisa diterapkanuntuk keperluan usaha budidaya cabe merah kriting.

hidroponik berarti menanam dengan media air.. bukan media tanah, hal ini akan memaksimalkan pemakaian pupuk dan unsur hara lainnya menjadi lebih mudah diserap tanaman dalam waktu yang cepat. hal ini sudah dibuktikan di banyak pertanian lokal di daerahdaerah pertanian indonesia.

harga cabe merah kriting menjelang bulan puasa biasanya akan naik, hal ini sungguh tepat bial rumah tangga mulai memikirkan untuk menanam cabe merah sendiri di halaman kaki lima.
harga tablet murah cross x terbaru 2013

harga tablet murah cross x terbaru 2013

harga tablet murah cross x terbaru 2013 selengkapnya dapat anda lihat di sini. tablet cross merupakan salah satu smartphone yang sering dianggap orang sebagai salah satu varian tablet, padahal cross x sendiri tidak pernah mengklaim bahwa smartphone atau android yang mereka jual sebagai salah satu varian tabler murah. mungkin sebagian orang sanga berpersepsi bahwa cross x juga adalah vendor penyedia tablet murah, namun tidaklah demikian.

ada tigatablet cros terbaru pada tahun 2013 ini, diantaraya A7S, A22 dan A5. semua tablet cross tersebut termasuk tablet murah dengan harga 1 jutaan. selengkapnya tablet baru (terbaru) cross ini dapat anda lihat di sini. dan untuk tablet advan juga mito bisa dilihat di blog tersebut.

demikian opini saya tentang harga tablet murah cross x terbaru 2013 ini semoga tulisan dan refferensi yang kami tawarkan bisa membantu anda dalam membeli tablet baru maupun bekas,
RDI - research development innovation

RDI - research development innovation

According to basic knowledge, RDI is simple research development innovation
What can be supported?
The scope of eligible activities is wide including infrastructure, equipment, salaries (researchers, management and support staff), utility bills, consumables, intellectual property rights acquisition and protection and, under certain conditions, leasing and depreciation. RSSF can support the following:
  1. basic or fundamental research
  2. applied or industrial research
  3. experimental or pre-competitive development
  4. definition stage or feasibility studies
  5. pilots and demonstration activities
  6. European Research Initiatives (including research infrastructure, European technology platforms, joint technology initiatives or projects undertaken under the Eureka scheme.)
Research, Development and Innovation

Research and Development is a key component of sustainable innovation-led growth. It helps to create the higher value-added products, processes and services on which the future of Umicore is increasingly focused.

Umicore has world class R&D capabilities. More than 500 employees worldwide are involved in research and development activities. R&D spending is 5% of revenues, excluding metal value. This puts Umicore at the top end of the league of chemical companies in terms of R&D intensity (ref. The 2004 R&D scoreboard, Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom, 2004). We operate a central R&D facility in Belgium and have Business Unit dedicated research centres in Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Liechtenstein.

More than ever, the successes of the businesses in our company are the result of a relentless pursuit of new, innovative solutions and developments. Research and Development plays an important and strategic role but also a structured approach to creativity is used to stimulate innovation in the company.
credit to http://www.umicore.com/en/rdi/
Innovation in research and development

Innovation in research and development

Research and development is supposed to be at the forefront of innovation. However, the problem is that innovation is not an activity that scales well. It is difficult to predict and difficult to scale. The people who are most innovative are like that in spurts. They have periods of inactivity that are punctuated with extreme insight and perhaps even productivity. The challenge for an institution that wants to maintain and grow the level of innovation is to manage this process and the people who are involved in a way that yields quantifiable results.

First, the problem is in capturing the thought process in context. Joi Ito suggests that the value of information that is presented is not only a function of the amount of information but also of its context. This is a very deep thought that most people miss. Twitter is, in fact, very little information, but full of context. In fact, Innovation cannot proceed unless the context of the information is preserved. Many companies and research institutions overemphasize the quality and amount of information and disregard the context completely. This leads to breaks in continuity and the loss of innovation.

The second challenge is in bringing together diverse expertise to evaluate the information content. This is very important as innovation is nonlinear and sometimes what seems to be a step back is, in fact, an escape from a dead-end branch of thought. The important part here is to be able to present the information to a diverse group and engage that group in contributing their expertise and their own context to the pieces of information.

Finally, a large proportion of institutions fail to understand that continuity is the most important aspect of translating innovation into actionable products and services. Nothing can be extracted if the continuity of the ideas and thought is lost.
Putting these three ingredients together starts to create a comprehensive ecosystem where institutions can foster innovation and extract meaningful results from the somewhat erratic process that underlies it. We will be writing a lot more about fostering innovation in research in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

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